Family Office Services

Our Philosophy

We believe that wealth is not only monetary – it encompasses intellectual and emotional capital as well. When managing wealth within the family, one must have the understanding and skills needed to manage all three. Through our Family Office Services, you can accomplish your wealth management goals while ensuring that your heirs utilize it wisely, keeping your values in mind.

Perhaps the most important topic to consider during the early stages of family office is family values.

Often times, family dynamics can act as a barrier when establishing shared goals and values. However, it is a necessary step when defining a family mission statement. By working cohesively with your advisers along with multigenerational family members, everyone gains a deeper understanding of the estate plan, all while improving family communication skills.

Vision & Process

At Riverview Capital, we place high importance on fiscal discipline. We seek to encourage our clients to treat their family’s finances and practices as if it were a business. It is critical to communicate the effects of decision-making and spending habits to the next generation.

By relying on financial documents, such as balance sheet and profit and loss statements, fiscal discipline is maintained.

First and second generations that are educated early on about the family’s wealth, philosophies and values generate a greater respect for the previous generation’s hard work, and in turn, may exhibit more fiscal discipline.


A family office provides a means to foster perpetual wealth. Whether single or multi-family, or swaying between formal and informal governance, Riverview Capital can help tailor your needs by identifying your unique status and financial goals.

Our services are contingent upon and tailored to the needs of the underlying families, and can be offered in-house or through our network of specialists.

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